Friday, April 19, 2013

Holly Hunter Plastic Surgery

American actress Holly Hunter, 55, is rumored to have had plastic surgery to maintain her youthful image.
In detail, Hunter is speculated to have had botox injections, face peel procedures and even a facelift!

Judging by the before and after photos, Hunter's face has some wrinkles and even though she doesn't look like a woman for her age, she still seems natural. If she used botox, her skin would be shinier and all her wrinkles would be smoothed out.  

Holly Hunter is an outspoken critic of plastic surgery, especially for older actresses!

Hunter goes on to say that it upsets her when her pictures are altered to try and make her appear younger than she really is.

According to Hunter, she has completely come to terms with her flaws and she's not ashamed of her age or the way that she looks.

It has to be noted that Hunter has been included in lists of actresses who shun plastic surgery and she's received a lot of admiration for both her views and the way she maintains herself without the help of a plastic surgeon's knife.

It is clear that Hunter is blessed with good genes and natural beauty, but she still takes care of herself by following a healthy diet, working out with personal trainers and spending time on wardrobe and makeup.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that Holly Hunter is aging gracefully by leading a healthy lifestyle. 

What do you think? Is Holly Hunter's youthful appearance a result of good genetics or good doctors?

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