Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nicki Minaj: "Drake Likes Intellectual Women With Fat A**es" (AUDIO)

Nicki Minaj discussed all things Drake on the radio show "Capital Xtra."  

Minaj, 31, explained why she would never date Drake, 27, claiming: "He is perfect but I don't know about guys in the industry…I think two artists (dating), that's hard."

Still, Nicki had some advice for women who want to win Drake's heart.

"I think what works with Drake is if you act like you don't like him. Be horrible to him," Minaj joked.

Minaj added: "I'm kidding. I think he likes intellectual women actually. He likes fat a**es, but I think he likes a girl who can hold a conversation."

Check out the audio below… 

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