Saturday, October 25, 2014

Taylor Swift's Album "1989" Leaks Online

Taylor Swift's highly anticipated album "1989" leaked on Friday, three days before its official release on October 27.  

The album's second song "Blank Spaces" appeared on YouTube and went viral before being taken down. The leak also included the album's three bonus tracks and voice memos that were supposed to be exclusively featured on the deluxe edition of "1989", which is only being sold at Target.

According to Vulture, the album was leaked in France because the original download has numbered "pistes" (French for "track") replacing the track titles. The outlet also claimed that the album comes up as "Album inconnu" (French for "unknown album") when the download is transferred into iTunes.

Swift, 24, is really worried about leaks and the security of her tunes. She confessed on Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she went to great lengths to keep her songs hidden until they officially dropped. She explained to Kimmel that even friends and industry types who heard the album before being released had to listen to it off of her phone because of her "irrational fear of eavesdropping."

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