Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kimberly Stewart Plastic Surgery

Socialite, reality TV star, actress, model and fashion designer Kimberly Stewart, best known as Rod Stewart's daughter, has reportedly had plastic surgery to improve her image.

Stewart, 33, is estimated to have gotten a nose job and boob job.

Judging by the before and after pictures, we can easily notice that Kimberly had a noticeably large nose inherited from her father. She obviously didn't like this feature on her face, so she decided to downside her nose to a thinner and more refined version. 

New images of Kimberly show a slimmer nose with a straighter bridge and a tip that is smaller than her previously bulbous one. The outcome is very aesthetically satisfying, as the smaller nose gives Kimberly a more feminine and elegant look, compared to her old nose that drew too much attention away from her otherwise pleasing features. While the nose job is not totally confirmed, the snaps present a compelling case in favor of Kimberly having plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn believes Kimberly Stewart probably got a nose job. "If she has indeed had the surgery (which looks like it to me), the surgery was a success. I always say that a good rhinoplasty de-emphasizes the nose and allows other, more attractive parts of the face to be more noticeable. This looks to be a great example of that," wrote Youn in his blog.

It has to be noted that Stewart had reportedly gotten breast implants. She went from flat-chested to voluptuous as she got D-size breast implants, which were allegedly a gift for her modeling school graduation. Stewart's dad Rod thoughtfully claimed that his daughter's bustier new look increased confidence in herself. In a change of heart, Stewart later had the breast implants removed and reportedly framed and sent to Jack Osbourne. Now, she's back to her initial small cup size, a proof she had the implants removed. 

"Model and member of Paris Hilton's inner circle Kimberly Stewart knows something about plastic surgery, thanks to her Hollywood upbringing. But it looks like the model has decided to forgo breast implants. 30-year old daughter of rock star Rod Stewart is a leggy blonde, with a successful modeling career she has parlayed into acting. After undergoing an obvious breast augmentation, it seems that she has since decided to remove the implants," MakeMeHeal informs.

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer explained: "Kimberly Stewart reportedly had her breast implants removed for "health reasons," but there is speculation that she developed capsular contracture. If so, contracture is a known phenomenon with breast implants which would require reoperative surgery to remove the scar tissue and replace the implants."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn was quoted as saying: "It looks like Kimberly Stewart has gotten some surgery lately. Those look like high profile D-cup implants, likely on top of the muscle. It's difficult to get that high chested, round beach ball look without placing them on top of the muscle, since the muscle gets in the way of moving them up on the chest. Women who get large implants and are very thin also have very unnatural results. She would be better off with C-cup, under the muscle, moderate profile implants". 

Conclusion: Kimberly Stewart had a well-executed nose job, but obviously an unfortunate boob job as she early removed the implants.

What do you think of Kimberly Stewart's plastic surgery?

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