Sunday, August 18, 2013

Josie Bissett Plastic Surgery

American actress Josie Bissett, best known for her role as Jane Mancini on the television series "Melrose Place", is rumored to have had plastic surgery to improve her image.  

In detail, Bissett, 42, is rumored to have had a boob job, nose job, forehead lift, eyelift and botox injections

In the past there were rumors that she got a boob job which increased the size of her boobs, but there are no images available to compare and point out the difference in her bust. If there was some breast enlargement, as we haven't noticed some of the classic evidence of breast implants such as excessive up roundness, we can't be certain if she got them or not.

There are some celebrity watchers though who insist that Bissett definitely had a breast augmentation, because her breasts are the big asset in her appearance and thanks to them she seems more feminine.

Judging by the before and after pictures, her nose appears more narrowed now than before and there is also some deviation on her septum but no major alterations to it. It is considered that if someone is getting a nose job, they would correct the deviated septum as part of the operation

On her age, it is very common to have botox injections, so she likely is getting them.

According to some plastic surgeons, Josie also got a forehead and eye lift to help her have an upper face more smooth. 

Plastic surgeon Dr Di Saia was quoted as saying: "Josie Bissett may have had just her eyes and forehead lifted. Face is a bit wider. Nice."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Nassif explained: "Josie Bissett appears to have a narrower nose than she used to, almost appearing too narrow on the lower part of her bridge. She appears to have had some Botox in her face as well, possibly around the eyes and forehead."

It has to be noted that many people believe that Bissett's youthful appearance is not a result of plastic surgery, but a result of good genes and diet. Also some plastic surgeons believe that Bissett is aging gracefully, without injections or invasive plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr Shafer noted: "Josie Bissett is aging gracefully. She does not appear to have any invasive plastic surgery. However, she looks just as beautiful now as she did back then."

It has to be mentioned that despite all the plastic surgery rumors and reports, Bissett herself denied all these reports and stated that she has nothing to do with plastic surgery. In her opinion, she has never visited any plastic surgeon's office in her entire life and she also has no plans of doing so in the future. 

What do you think? Did Josie Bissett have plastic surgery?

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