Monday, June 15, 2015

Rumer Willis Reveals The Cyberbullying Hasn't Stopped After Winning "Dancing With The Stars"

Rumer Willis has made the shocking revelation that the cyberbullying still hasn't stopped after winning "Dancing With The Stars season 20"

During the recent season of the show, Willis, 26, spoke out during her unforgettable year performance about growing up in the spotlight and the bullying she suffered.

The actress told Glamour magazine: "Just because I was celebrated on "Dancing With the Stars" doesn't mean the bullying has stopped. After the show started, I had to block almost 10 people every day on social media because they wouldn't leave me alone. But when it happens now, I remind myself that focusing on people's negative opinions will only make me feel like crap." 

Rumer went on: "If I start to get discouraged, I take a step back and go: "All right, I don't feel great today, but what can I do to shift how I'm thinking?" It's difficult, but the moment you stop saying: "I'm really fat," or "I'm ugly," and just say: "Wow, I have this," then you'll see a change."

Willis was quoted as saying: "What it comes down to is this: We all need to stop bullying ourselves and being cruel to other women. Attacking one another instead of supporting one another has become the norm. Life's hard enough as it is," adding: "Let's find strength in the fact that we're different and unique. Let's allow ourselves to say: "These are my flaws, but I'm still beautiful." Let's find our own value, know what we have to offer - and know that that is enough."

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